ORPHAN TEARS featuring Wax - (Your Favorite Martian music video)

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DOWNLOAD THE MP3: Lyrics and vocals by Ray Johnson, Wax, and Big Rob Beat By Ray Johnson ***SONG LYRICS*** It was a weekend, and you can't stop Us from going to the local dance spot. Instead of drinking imported beers, Somebody brought a bottle of Orphan Tears. We popped the top. We know what was in it. Yeah, we were all so stupid to sip it. Orphan Tears are hallucinogenic. I took one sip and saw a two-headed midget. Then the room filled with colors and shapes, And suddenly DeeJay was covered in snakes. Oh snap! And what made it worse Is I swear I saw a unicorn humping a smurf. Then a rainbow appeared out of Wax's ass. He passed some gas and it snapped in half. Yo Deejay! Are you still there? Yeah, I'm trying to hook up with this girl in a wheelchair. Alright. Chill there. I think a bulimic Carebear might pick a fight with Jesus. I don't believe it. I'm gonna be sea sick. These Orphan Tears are about to make me trip. Little children, near and far Don't know where your parents are. Cry directly in this jar. I will drink it at the bar. Sip sippin' on Orphan Tears. Sip sip sippin' on Orphan Tears. Sip sippin' on Orphan Tears. Sip sip sippin' on Orphan Tears. These Orphan Tears got me feeling like I ain't felt before. I tried to bust-a-move but fell asleep on the dance floor. (DeeJay falls asleep and snores) I swear I saw Bill Cosby like, "Hello with the pudding!" He was dancing in his underwear showing off his woody. I ran to the bathroom. Everything is in slow <b>...</b>
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